Top Tips to Get the Best Out of your Android Phone

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The android operating system is always packed with some amazing features, many hacks and also some cool tricks. Most of the things you probably have never known like the LED notifications, gesture controls, icon packs etc. The following are the top things that every Android user should try with their device.

1) Never Lose your Phone

  • Leaving your phone or tablet in a public place by accident can many times turn out to be a final goodbye to your device.
  • But don’t worry you can surely increase the chances of getting your phone returned back to you safely.
  • Just go to the settings and then to the security and then to the owner info Where you can enter your contact information which will show up on the lock screen when it is lost. And you can easily get your phone returned to you safely.

2) Improve Performance like a PC

  • There are many things that the Android can do more than an iOS device and for that it also requires more energy to run smoothly.
  • Just like a PC the Android device also needs to be turned up now and then.
  • There are many apps in the mobile that can help you line all in one tool box using which you can delete old and unused stuffs from your mobile and preparing more space in it and make it function smoothly like a PC.

3) Boost the Security in the Mobile

  • Having a smart lock in your phone is very much useful and it can also use the GPS, many networks, face recognition or even voice recognition for phone unlocking.
  • You can go to the Settings -> Security -> Smart Lock to start it.

4) Use Google now for your Device

  • Use the Google now as the personal assistant in your phone which you can use to retrieve any data quickly without much effort.
  • The Google now can also interact with your apps, take necessary notes, put reminders and lot of other tricks.
  • The more you start using the Google now the more you will come to know about the excellent features it is providing.

5) Use the NFC

  • Very few people know about the NFC in their mobile device and how to use it.
  • The NFC is a brilliant functionality in your mobile phone using which you can pair your Bluetooth to your headphone.
  • This will transfer all the data and content of your old mobile to the new one.
  • An NFC equipped device will save tons of time while transferring a data from one device to another.

6) Use Different Launchers

  • Use can use the “Launcher” in your Android phone which is an app that allows you to totally change the display of your home screen.
  • One of the most popular launcher in the Android Phone is the Nova launcher that allows you to change almost everything in your device.
  • There are dozens of different other launchers in the store and it can also at times make your phone run much faster.

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