Here are the Top 4 Tips to Make Money from App Re-skinning

app reskinning tips

Game developing is one of the highest revenue generating business nowadays and lots of companies are adopting this method now. The top most developers in the Google play store or the app store are making millions from the game development. It’s never too late to get into the competition and start earning quick money like all the game developers. If you are planning to get into the game development business by yourself or by purchasing any high quality source code from SellMySourceCode then we are here to help you with that. There are few things that you need to do after building your game that is you need to know how to make money from it.

The following tips will guide you on few tips which will help you to make money from the mobile games.

1) Buy Source Code, Re-skin and repeat

  • Buying source code and re skinning it as per your imagination is a trending business for all the busy app developers or people with no coding skill but want to get into the app development.
  • First step is to choose a platform or a website where you can buy high quality source codes.
  • There are hundreds of platforms where you can buy or sell source codes but at SellMySourceCode you have an option to choose from 1000+ source codes of games and apps of all varieties from developers all around the World.
  • You can re-skin the source code easily by yourself after buying the source code and then boost your revenue by publishing it onto the app stores.

2) Making revenue through ads

  • Making money through ads in the games is the most common and popular way of making money from the app stores.
  • There are many different categories of advertising networks who will pay you to put their ads into your game.
  • You can put the ad in different ways like “Cost per impression, Cost per click, Cost per install”.
  • You can put the ads into the game by determining what kind of ads your users will be comfortable with by knowing their interests.
  • This will allow for most clicks on the ads which will be the most advantageous for the game.

3) In app purchases

  • In app purchase is another way of making money from apps and games and it is also a highly successful way of making from it.
  • What you need to make sure is will the users want to purchase any new item from your app, is your game addictive enough that the users will be compelled to purchase new items from it.
  • If your survey shows that your users are going to pay money for extra features from your app then in app purchase can get you huge revenue out of your app.
  • You can add additional levels and features into the game and app and update the game timely.

4) Paid games and apps

  • You might have seen the top paid charts in the game section at the play store.
  • Paid games are where you don’t have to put any in app ads or any in app purchases because the user buy the right to all by paying for it in total at the beginning itself.
  • Paid games are high quality games having features that free games usually don’t have in app purchases and ads in the game to provide the best quality game to the users.

It’s your choice whether to put your game available as paid games or as free games. Priced games are traditionally more preferred model for standard model of mobile games but huge number of free mobile games are also hitting the major app stores nowadays. It is obvious that the paid games will not be getting as much downloads as free games but you will surely get many downloads from it and earn money from it.

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