Know the Best Tips to Get More Battery Use From Your iPhone 6s


The iPhone 6s which is powered but the iOS 9 comes with lot of amazing new features including their latest 3D touch Technology. But in order to add these technologies and features into the iPhone 6s the Apple reduced the size and capacity of the battery which will lower the amount of time you can those features. But there are still many things that you can do to improve the battery life of your iPhone 6s giving you more freedom to have most from all the features.

Just keep in mind all these tips and tricks which will surely help you to use the iPhone 6s for a much longer time than usual.

1) Be sure that to keep the battery in sustainable environment

• You should always make sure that your iPhone 6s is being held in a harmless atmosphere.

• For example being kept in too cold or too hot condition will drain your battery life and might also permanently damage your phone.

• You can use a protective shock proof cover for it which can save it from any kind of atmosphere.

2) Turn off background apps and use simple wallpapers

• You can use less bright and simple wallpapers for your lock screen and home screen which will need much lesser battery power than high quality cool images for the wallpaper.

• Turn off the applications which are not in use and are running in the back ground.

3) Turn off notifications

• You can switch off the app notifications which drain a lot of power.

• You can go to the Settings-> Notifications and clean up all the unnecessary notifications because the more you app notifications you will be having the more it will drain off.

4) Delete the power draining apps

• You can delete few of the more power draining apps and replace it with other apps giving same usage and drains less battery.

• For ex. the Facebook App keeps running on the back ground which is very helpful to receive any notifications but it is very harmful for the battery.

• Using the Facebook paper app instead doesn’t keep on running on the background and saves a lot of battery giving the same usage and benefits.

5) Reduce the motion sensors

• Reducing the motion will help in turning off the jumping folders that are in action and also the fancy type moving effects on the screen.

• Save your battery by disabling the unnecessary work by going to the Settings then select the General Accessibility and reduce the motion.

6) Lower the brightness and turn off spotlight

• You can reduce the brightness to the lowest as suitable for you or you can put it in auto mode due to which the brightness will adjust itself with the environment.

• You can adjust it by swiping down from the top of the iPhone Screen and reduce it as per your comfort.

• You can also turn off the spotlight which unnecessarily uses the internet by going to the Settings then to General and turn off the “Spotlight Suggestion

These Top tips to save the battery can surely help you have more usability of all your apps and features without having to drain a lot of energy from it.

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