Latest App Marketing Strategies to Get Maximum Users for your App

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There are millions of apps available in the app stores right now and the necessity for standing out amongst them is very much obviously very much high. Due to this reason the app developers and the app marketers have to prepare a strong app marketing plan which will help them to get their app used by maximum number of people globally. As the competition amongst the app developers are increasing everyday it is becoming more difficult to achieve the success nowadays. There are many things that as an app developer you need to take care of. For e.g. you must make sure that your app is ranked well enough in the store to be easily discovered, know how much your app is being used by your target users.

Sometimes the marketing costs are the main trouble for the app developers or the marketers which can probably make their app unprofitable due to the cost. The market of the app development is changing rapidly and it is important that the app developers improve their tactics. Let’s have a look at some tips and strategies that you must follow to get your app stand out strong in the sea of apps in the app stores.

1) Optimizing the App Stores

  • The major app stores have an algorithm which gives high priority to the optimization of the apps according to their algorithm which plays a very important role in the ranking factor of the app.
  • These include the ratings, Meta tags and keywords, screenshots, title of the app, number of downloads etc.
  • Properly optimized title with proper keyword is most important app store optimization technique.
  • Google’s Ad words keyword tool can help you to identify the keyword to be used for the title of your app.
  • Fill out all the necessary details about the app with the keyword that you have researched before submitting your app and choose the categories wisely.

2) Social Media Optimization and Marketing

  • Of course you cannot ignore the social media marketing and optimizing it that is on Facebook, twitter, Google plus etc.
  • The social Medias can help you in the marketing in many ways by creating the brand awareness and also target the right audience for your app.
  • Social media can be one of the most effective ways to increase the app downloads.
  • Create a page and promote it and target an audience to increase the likes of your page.
  • Post the latest newsfeeds about your apps. Attractive posts about your app will compel the readers to download and use your app once.

3) Drive organic results

  • Organic results and reach are much more important than the paid results as they are much more loyal than that of the paid visitors.
  • The organic rankings different in different app stores like the Google play store and Apple app store. And it is necessary that you understand those differences in order to get the maximum exposure.
  • The higher usage ratio per download of your app will get you on the top of the app store with better rankings.

4) Email marketing

  • Email marketing is an old traditional method but it is still one of the most effective methods to build traffic.
  • Email marketing can help in building encouragement by converting the recipients into users.
  • You can maintain the loyal users by rewarding them with special benefits on the app depending on the type of business you are having.
  • Also provide discounts on products or your services to the most loyal users.

5) Use Ad networks

  • The click through rate by advertising your app through the ad networks can help in boosting the ratings of your app.
  • Promote your app through the apps and banners.
  • There are hundreds of ad networks available like iAds, AdMob, Mojiva etc.

These ideas can surely help you with a clear idea of marketing your app in an effective way. A thorough marketing does not necessarily require a huge capital. Each of the marketing strategies requires perfect tactics with a continuous investment of time and activity on it with the best efforts by your side.

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