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Its summer time and it’s the best time to have some amazing vacation with your family and friends. But this time why not make some quick money while having fun this summer? Get the best offers on summer fun game source codes from SellMySourceCode and make your own games within days and have it on the app stores and watch your revenue grow over night. These games have been built with tonnes of different characters and activities for kids in it to make it more attractive and fun to play with.

Below given are few of the amazing summer fun game source codes that SellMySourceCode offers you at amazing offers for this vacation.

1) Summer Camp Adventure

Yippee..!!! We all had summer vacation, so let’s plan for the summer camp with family. Do you want to join them? If yes then just grab this addictive fun game “Summer Camp Adventure” by GameiMax today and enjoy with those kids. Play awesome mini games along the way!

It’s the most adventurous summer camp ever…!!! Enjoy the fun-filled 8 different activities with 3 mini games. You can pitch the tent, play with ball, crush all bananas and even go for fishing on this awesome nature adventure.

Gathered all your friends and challenge them for skipping competition and become the best skipper of them all!

Tent Time!

It’s time to pitch a tent! Learn how to pitch tent and pitch your tent and decorate it with flag. Your tent is the perfect place to camp out in nature with your friends!


Go fishing with the kids on this interactive fishing adventure. Catch fish in a variety of shapes, colors & sizes!

First Aid Clinic!

Sometimes kids get injured when playing outdoors. It’s your turn to be the doctor! Use special medical tools to care for the kids and help them feel better!

And enjoy other mini games with your favorite kids…!!!


  • Choose from 4 adorable kids!
  • Play fun nature mini games like fishing and catching ball, bananas!
  • Drag to collect sticks & build a fire.
  • Use special medical tools to treat injured kids
  • Tap to dress up your kid with different accessories!

What’s inside?

  • 4 adorable kids!
  • 8 fun-filled activities to enjoy the outdoors!
  • 3 mini games for hours of fun!
  • Different accessories to dress up your kids!

So for what are you waiting for?? Enjoy this summer with this summer camp adventure…!!!

2) Summer Camp for Kids

It is time to have some fun with the summer camp for kids. A total fun and entertaining game by Gameiva where kids can enjoy a total vacation for themselves with the camp at some beautiful places. Play many different games with friends, play with any toys of your choice, do camp fire with friends and also create your own driving license with your image in it and save it to gallery. These games are filled totally with lot of fun and entertainment in the camp which will get the kids engaged in playing with it.


  • There are so many games to play along with so many different activities.
  • Stay away from the honey comb as they might attack you with their stings.
  • Find yours and your friend’s hidden toys in a messy room.
  • Fire a campfire and then cook your favorite food and also look out that it is not over burnt.
  • Stay away from the insects all the time.
  • Share this game with all your friends and enjoy the summer camp.

3) Princess Swimming Celebration

All The little girls always loves being treated like a princess by everyone because being a princess is full of fun and enjoyment all day.

Why not try living the life of a princess for a while with princess swimming pool celebration.

This is an amazing game for girls where they can play different activities like swimming, having delicious foods, play lot of fun games, etc.

You can easily customize this App Template to any theme of your choice by just changing 2D Graphics, icons, Default images and sounds.

  • The source code is outstanding and is implemented in JAVA
  • Is already optimized for Marshmallow (latest Android 6)
  • Admob implemented & ready.
  • Play many games and other fun activities.
  • Getting ready for the swimming party
  • Swimming and playing with the ball.
  • Doing facial and washing the hair
  • Drinking delicious drinks and enjoying with friends
  • Play this fun game with friends and feel being treated like a princess.

4) Crazy Swimming Pool Party

It’s is time for a big and a crazy swimming party in this latest game for girls by Gameiva. There are so many different fun activities being features in this game like spa games, swimming pool cleaning, preparing lunch for the lunch break any many more. Also help the beautiful girl get ready for her swimming pool party and then you can cast your votes to your favorite stylish models and their clothes while the judges will be counting all your votes.
You can easily customize this App Template to any theme of your choice by just changing 2D Graphics, icons, Default images and sounds.

  • The source code is outstanding and is implemented in JAVA
  • Is already optimized for Marshmallow (latest Android 6)
  • Admob implemented & ready
  • Give all the proper medical care to all the girls who have minor injuries on their body.
  • Do different beauty activities in the Spa view at the Swimming party.
  • Prepare for a picnic and pack all the necessary items for it.
  • Participate in a fashion competition and also cast your votes for your favorite models over there.
  • Share this amazing game with your friends and have fun playing with it.

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