Read the Latest Predictions of the Mobile Technology Trends in 2016


The Mobile technology has evolved enormously and risen in the market with billions of devices in just past few years and is still the technology is continuously evolving at a huge rate. Let’s have a sneak peak at all the technological development and occurrences we witnessed in the past few months.

• The latest version of Android(5.1) lollipop was released
• The latest Windows operating system was out (Windows 10)
• The apple released the Apple Watch and the latest OS i.e. the WatchOS and the tvOS
• The iOS9 is out

These were just 4 of the top updating in the technological field that we saw in just the last few months and there are lot more surprises that we would be seeing within next few months. We have already seen the mobile trends of the year 2015 now let us have a look at some of the possible mobile technology trends of the year 2016 as given below.

These are the observable trends of the year 2016

• The apple has always made a huge advancement in technology and last year we had seen the apple watch out in market. The constant and timely update of Apple is to keep itself at the top of the market always.

• There was huge news regarding the Windows OS, Windows development tools by the Microsoft and many other developments by them are pushing hard towards the next technological platform.

• Google, another largest internet and technological giant in the world is soon going to release new software and hardware at the next I/O conference on May. We can expect big announcements on that day. The Android constantly provides an update to all its products. Like the Android Wear, Android Auto, Android Health, Android TV.

These events are some of the sure things to happen in the year 2016. Let’s wait and watch what all surprises are there in the mobile technological industry next year.

The big story for 2016

The year 2015 was a huge year for the wearables as there was lot of updates to the Android Wear, the release of the Apple Watch and much more. Another big thing going to happen in 2016 is the “virtual reality”.

There are few companies who are going to give some of the biggest announcements for the virtual reality in the year 2016. Let’s have a look in brief at few of them.

The Samsung is going to bring the technology of virtual reality into the mobile phones which will allow you to view a 3D action through your smartphones.

The Oculus Rift which now owned by the Facebook have brought upon a huge development in the virtual reality.

The latest Microsoft Hololens which gives an improved 3D viewing experience on the objects which will be like the real world.

The apple will also be seen soon in the list virtual reality technology as they have recently bought 2 companies working on this technology. We can expect the Apple to enter into the virtual reality market very soon enough.

It’s just few days left for the New Year to begin so we can just watch how accurate the latest predictions of the Mobile technology are going to be like. One thing we can be sure of is that the year 2016 will be huge for the technological development around the world.

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