Top 5 Amazing Hidden Features of iOS 9 That You Must Know

ios 9 features

If you are having an iOS device then it is high time that you update your device into the iOS 9 because there are plenty of hidden features and great tricks that you will see in the iOS 9. The apple has rolled out lots of new mobiles recently and the iOS 8 that worked for them had plenty of great features and now the iOS 9 is said to be doing the best of all the previous OS’s by Apple. Some of the things that the iOS 9 carries more are that the Siri waveform animation is better and more colorful than the previous one.

The Apple has revealed few tips and tricks on its website for the users so that they can learn to get the most out of the iOS 9 and below given are a few ways on how you can make the best out of your device before the next OS (iOS 10) arrives.

1) Siri Always at your help

  • There are plenty of questions that you can ask the Siri for an instance the Siri can also help you with the basic calculations like to find the percentage, multiplication, addition, division or subtraction problems.
  • You can set the Siri feature to work full time by going to the Settings> General> Siri. Turn on the “Hey Siri” option and get started with your new friend.
  • With the spotlight search back in the iOS 9 you can easily access the spotlight search by swiping it right on the first page of the apps.
  • The Siri will show you all the latest notifications like the Apple news headlines, nearby gas stations, parking slots, coffee shops, restaurants etc. and if you are fed up of these suggestions then you can always switch it off by going to Settings> General> Spotlight Search and then turn off the Siri suggestions.

2) Manually Save the Battery Life

  • Another amazing feature that you will find in the new iOS 9 is the manual low power more that will help you to get more battery life from your iPhone.
  • The introduction of the low power mode is a boon to the iPhone users and you can easily get it for yourself at Settings > Battery. This will turn off lots of background functions like the app refresh, automatic downloads, GPS and lots of other visual effects.
  • The battery life in the indicator at the top will turn yellowish-orange so that you can know whenever it is at work.
  • Once the battery life goes above 80% the low battery power mode will turn itself off automatically and will be needed to turn on manually once again if needed another time.

3) Do Calls Using Wi-Fi

  • The wireless carrier supports a pretty awesome feature known as the Wi-Fi calling that is your calls can be done with your own Wi-Fi which will save the air time charges and also won’t use up your data plan.
  • The Wi- Fi calling can be a great way for making and receiving calls at places where your cell network is limited but you must be having an access to Wi-Fi.
  • It is simple to switch on the Wi-Fi calling by going to the Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling and then also update and verify your emergency address.

4) Security in the iOS 9

  • Now in the iOS 9 the passcode is a fixed 6 digit number which is actually a lot safer than the previous ones.
  • The passcode digit for the previous ones are 4 digits that is for the OS’s up to iOS 8 and if you are upgrading from the iOS 8 to iOS 9 it will still remain 4 digit pass code which you can change by going into the Settings > Touch ID> Change Passcode.
  • Now confirm your new code and activate the 6 digit passcode for.
  • Even if your iPhone is misplaced or lost somewhere near to you then you can use the “Find my iPhone app” which will set the sound in the iPhone even if it is on silent mode.

5) iOS Only Special Functions

  • There are special features in the iOS 9 for the big screens.
  • Picture-in-picture video:
    • Click on the picture-in-picture option while watching a video in your iPad which will change the video player into a small screen and allowing you to work alongside watching videos.
  • Finger Selections:
    • Tap and hold down with the 2 fingers and the keyboard will turn into a gray track pad which you can drag and drop anywhere.
  • Split view options:
    • You can get a multi-tasking bar at the side which will provide you an access to a quick access to the email or any other apps.
    • If you are having an iPad then you must surely take the advantage of the multitasking feature of the iOS 9.

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