Top 5 Latest App Development Tips to Build a High Quality App

app development tips

The mobile app development is a challenging task for the app developers because they have to constantly update their work level with the changing trend in the mobile app development and along with that the competition is increasing due to the increasing number of competitors. There are various restrictions that the developers must follow while developing an app.

There are some important practices as given below that an app developer must follow which will help to develop the quality mobile application for the users.

1) Start with an Innovative Idea

  • Behind every innovative and successful app there was a groundbreaking idea which was focused on solving a particular issue that was faced by huge number of people or a service which will make life better.
  • With the number of developers increasing everyone seem to come up with a unique idea for the app with a creative solution and services to the users.
  • The best way to create a solid idea for the app is to concentrate and analyzing the problem and then list them out.
  • After which you can take your time and think of the ways to create a solution to it with the help of an app.

2) Plan to Increase Visibility

  • Your app with the great idea might not be able to get the expected downloads if it doesn’t reach the users.
  • The visibility of the app is mostly dependent on the ASO that is the App Store Optimization which is similar to the Search Engine Optimization.
  • The ASO will create an awareness of the app to millions of users around the world and always be careful that it doesn’t drown in the sea of apps who are all trying to get at the top of the chart.

3) Target Market of the App

  • Learning and identifying the target is one of the most important parts of the marketing of the app.
  • It is important to make a detailed study of the download pattern of the apps by analyzing the age group of the users downloading the app, location and the smartphone being used for it.
  • Take consideration on the willingness of the users on paying for premium services in the app, buy apps, subscriptions etc.

4) App Should be Comprehensible with High Security

  • The app you build must be easy to understand for the users for which the app developer must make sure that they include clear instructions by text along with some graphics in the app.
  • The security of the data of the user must be of the top priority for the app developers as the mobile devices are vulnerable to many kinds of online threats.
  • Use the encryption tools to protect the sensitive data of the app, give features like wiping off the complete data from the mobile device remotely when lost or a backup system which will allow the users to take the back up into another device whenever wanted.

5) Cost to Develop and the Profits

  • The cost of an app development totally depends on how complex and the category of app that you are developing.
  • With an estimation developing a small and less complex app will cost around $3000 to $8000 whereas to develop high quality, multipurpose complex app it will cost around $50000 to $150000.
  • From a market analysis about the profits of the apps it was seen that the social network apps and communications apps earned the most which was followed by the medical and fitness app.
  • The platform of the app development can also give some information about the probable earning figures of the app for ex. On an average the app revenue can be near to $4000 per app from Apple, $1125 from Google’s Android and about $625 from Microsoft windows app.

The mobile apps are now a part of our day to day life and with billions of smartphone users around the world the demand of mobile app just keeps on increasing. The mobile app development is in a continuous development and the app developers are always forced to keep up with the trends and see the change in the trend of the ever advancing world.

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