Top Business App Marketing Tips to Get Tons of Users Instantly

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There are millions of apps on the mobile app store for various different categories like games, education, entertainment, business etc. More and more businesses are now coming to the app development as it is an effective bar for the marketing of the business to billions of users around the world. It has become a very important requirement for almost all the businesses even though they have websites for their products.

From studies it was found that the mobile users started spending about 63% more time on the mobile apps today than it was about just 2 years ago. And with about thousands of app being released each and every day all those apps are made for one or the other purpose.

With the right method and imagination you can also create an app for your own business. We have already posted detailed tips on the app development and marketing of the app but let’s have a brief look at few of the methods that you must follow to build an app for your business.

Write Down the Goal and Details on a Paper:

  • Defining the goal and the process of the app development is one of the most important steps before app development.
  • Sketching out the design for the app will help in giving a better understanding of the design process.

Build on your Own or Hire a Developer:

  • If you have experience with the app development then you can build your own app for the business or hiring a trusted developer is also highly advisable.

Test, Release and Market your App:

  • Test your app to perfection and leave no bug unnoticed in your app so that it works without any kind of trouble.
  • Release your app once it passes all kind of tests and had all the bugs removed from it.
  • Spread the news about your app so that it reaches maximum ears and attract maximum users to the app.

Here let’s have a look at some helpful tips on marketing your business app.

1) Focus on App Store Optimization

  • Just like the SEO for Google, yahoo etc. we also have ASO for the play store, app store etc.
  • The top app stores in the world that is the Google play store and the Apple appstore have an algorithm using which they can arrange the top apps according to their priority.
  • The app store optimization includes the title of the app and make sure that you have filled all the important details in it.
  • The downloads, tags, keywords, ratings as well as the quality of screenshots also affects the ASO.

2) Create a Tempting Trend of your App

  • Use the promoted tweets which can be very much useful for the app marketing.
  • You can do an analysis on the keywords that give you the maximum ROI for the twitter marketing by starting with a small budget on various different keyword combinations.

3) Make a Website for the App

  • Create a low budget micro website for your apps so that you can increase the possibilities of the app reaching maximum people in the target market.
  • The micro website can benefit you by attracting more of organic reach for your app who is more likely to download your app.

4) Do Marketing through top SM’s

  • The Facebook, twitter, G+, Pinterest etc. which has billions of active users is an amazing platform to market your app so that you can reach out to the audience that you might have missed on other marketing methods.
  • Get a bundle of positive reviews for you app which is really a very important factor for the app in encouraging the users into downloading the app.
  • Use the negative reviews to improve the app and also provide the users with some cool offers for the positive review they give for your app.

There are lots of other factors that affect and contribute to the success of any mobile and the imagination used in the development of the app, the problem that it solves and with the marketing of the app you can also make sure that your app gets a complete and successful response from the users. Highlight the marketing aspect of the launch of the app whenever you are hiring an app developer.

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