Top Strategies to Avoid your App from Getting Crashed

fixing app crashing

The smartphones are taking over the world in almost every prospect and we are becoming more and more dependent to the smartphone apps to get various different day to day tasks done. But with the sea of apps we have there also comes many issues of security and reliability. This is also a very common experience amongst the daily app developers whose smartphone usually gets crashed due to over usage of apps in the smartphone. The crashing of the mobile phone is one of the worst things that can happen to your smartphones irrespective of which Operating System you are using. Many a times even a brand new smartphone might start hanging with just few weeks of usage.

The mobile phones contains almost all the specifications that a laptop or a computer has that is the RAM, External Memory, different types of Operating Systems, graphics, camera , different processors and much more. The smartphones hang for the almost same reasons to that of a PC. It is important that you take good care of your mobile phones so that it can live for a longer time without getting hanged much.

Android is the platform which is most widely used Operating System in the world and it also provides lot of stability, protection from hacking, reliability and much more but you sure need to learn some anti-crashing methods for your smartphone which are as given below.

1) Always Clean your Data

  • Clean your unnecessary data from your smartphone to make it have more space and work faster.
  • The “Clear Data” option in the app manager option will clear all the data that you don’t want in the app.
  • Reconfigure the app once you have used the “Clear Data” and erased all the data from it.

2) Remove Apps you don’t Frequently Use

  • Delete all those apps that you find not much useful or you don’t use frequently.
  • Make sure to have a security app in your which can always warn you with over usage of memory or any kind of malware content in the apps.
  • Always remember that improper written app can harm your android device and also create trouble to store some important data like plain-text files in the memory card.

3) Create Space for your Device

  • The storage in the mobile devices may vary as some will be having low memory space while others will be having plenty of GB’s storage space but all of them have a limited space and can’t be increased.
  • The mobile device or even the app will have more chances to crash if the device does not give proper space for all the usage.
  • The simplest way to free space is to uninstall the apps and deleting other data like photos or videos by first copying them into another memory space.
  • You can also use the app like Clean Master or the CCleaner.

4) Try to Use a Single Network More Often

  • Many a times when you switch your network every now and then from mobile data network to the Wi-Fi you might have experienced an app crash.
  • The changing of network actually affects only those apps to get crashed that are poorly coded.
  • Some of the apps in your smartphone will suffer firmness issues which can be prevented by simply changing the network in a safe way that is by turning the network off and then moving to the substitute Wi-Fi.

How the Developers can Contribute to Reduce the App Crashing?

1) Management of the Memory

  • The developers must make sure that the apps will run in a wide range of mobile phones.

2) The Issues of Mismatch

  • The developers must test their apps in the real devices by using the remote test Lab services which will enable the developers to control the device remotely.
  • This will allow the app to run properly in all the different devices with different specifications.

Some Other Ways to Keep your App and Smartphone from Crashing:

  • Always update your software.
  • Try not to use multiple apps at the same time.
  • If your smartphone doesn’t have enough RAM then avoid using heavy apps and games.
  • Avoid using the apps that are not supported by the screen resolutions sizes of your device.
  • Install the apps into the external card when the internal memory becomes too low.

A developer has to be responsible for the capabilities and take interest in it or else the app may fall victim to constant crashing and be a source of disappointment for the users.

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