Useful Tips to Save the Battery Life of your Smartphone

battery saving tips

Most of us now use the mobile phones instead of a landline in our houses and their lithium battery will need continuous maintenance. The insufficient battery life frustrates most of the users as when they are in the middle of something important in their mobile device but many are unaware of some simple steps that can easily boost the battery life of your mobile last longer. Even though the smartphones with the latest technology hardly goes beyond 24 hours without getting charged you can use some simple tips and tricks that can make your phones battery last much longer.


Here are some easy to follow and not much compromising tips to boost the battery life of your mobile device.

1) Switch off the phone:

  • If you sure that you are not going to use your phone for long hours then turning off your phone will save massive amount of power.
  • This will not only help in conserving the energy but also charge your phone.
  • Also switch off the phone if you are in a place with no network available like in a subway or a remote area as the constant search of network will drain lot of battery life from it.
  • You can also disable the function by putting it into the flight mode.

2) Adjust the Brightness:

  • The back light of the phone makes it easier to view and read in the phone when you are standing under a bright light or outside at high sunlight but the light also drains high amount of battery energy.
  • You can put your phone in the auto brightness so that it will adjust its brightness according to the surrounding brightness levels.
  • This will use much less battery power and even if you are not doing anything this tips will help you to extend the battery life intensely.

3) Charge the Battery According to its Type:

Most of the latest smartphones have the lithium-ion batteries while the earlier models used to have the nickel batteries and the different battery type has different methods of charging in order to give it the maximum battery life.

  • Lithium batteries: The Lithium batteries must be preserved carefully by charging and storing them with a partial charge and they don’t need a reconditioning.
  • Nickel batteries: The nickel batteries don’t have the problem of the memory effect which means the deterioration of the chemical process resulting into minor battery damage.
  • Irrespective of the type of battery you are using you must use a charger which is rated for your battery and reduce the use of batteries that heats up your device extensively.

4) Turn off unnecessary features:

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are one of the most used features in a smartphone but when you are switching them “On” the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth uses a lot of battery energy.
  • When your Wi-Fi searches out for the nearby networks and tries to connect to them it creates lots of heat which in turn wastes lot of power.
  • Turning off these networking features whenever not in use will not save your phone from huge amount of battery drain but will also increase the life expectancy of your mobile phone.

5) Use Opera to Manage your Apps:

  • One of the amazing features of the Opera is that it will allow you to manage all the apps and their activity and also blocks the unnecessary apps from using up the data whether on Wi-Fi or on mobile data.
  • It also allows you to make the webpages look like the app icons on your phone by selecting your favorite sites and choose “Add to the Home Screen”.
  • This will help you to have fewer numbers of apps on the screen that takes up the storage and the battery power.

Some other easy tips to get more battery life for your mobile are:

  • Keep the Battery in Cool Temperatures
  • Close the apps that you are not using
  • Uninstall unnecessary apps
  • Keep less time for the screen timeout

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