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House Repair and Services

almafraa is a contracting app for all repair and maintenance services. it is your easiest solution for all kinds of home services and repair related jobs, A High Class Service!

What can Almafraa help you with? Almost every service that you might need in your home, office or anywhere else.

"Where Dreams Come Home." And here’s a shortlist of what services we can assist you with in the shortest timeframe that you could expect" • Butler Services • AC • Builder • Carpentry • Cleaning • Electrical • Microwave • Painting • Pest Control • Plumbing • Refrigerator • Television • Washing Machine • Welding & Fabrications • Computers • Mobile Phones • Home Security • Car Wash • Packers & Movers Services • Pool • Handyman • Satellite • Gardening • Advertising & Design Services • Interior Furnishing • Flooring Also you can suggest as much as want from services & we add it to the app.

almafraa makes it incredibly easy to find the right person for your home maintenance needs, be it for routine maintenance or for a home emergency.

- What are the various features of the app and service? • 300+ Home Services: Complete range of home services such as pest control, car wash, electricians, plumbers, home cleaning, CCTV repair, AC repair and much more. • Reliable and Verified Pros: Every Pro on almafraa app goes through a complete background verification process before being on-boarded on the platform and with a professional degree. Once the Pro's business, authenticity and skilled are confirmed, only then do we activate him and assign jobs. • Customer satisfaction: All the above features have been put in place to provide top customer experience.

almafraa - A Services Market Place App

The iOS app is built with swift almost all the app except few integrations done with Objective C.

List of dependencies, pods:

1. Firebase core and messaging libraries

2. GoogleMaps, GooglePlaces and GooglePlacePicker

3. NotificationBannerSwift

4. SwiftyJSON

5. Alamofire

6. OpalImagePicker


Tech-stack :

Codeigniter: for the development of the backend web-services and the admin dashboard CodeIgniter is an open-source software rapid development web framework, for use in building dynamic web sites with PHP.
Inside of the “almafraa backend” folder you will find the content of the backend system witch does include the models, controllers view helpers and more. The controllers are well separated between the Controllers required by the Admin dashboard and the web-services api. PHP version needed is 5.3.7 or higher.



1- Users management:

Admin of the platform can view, verify, block, and contact users.


2- Services & categories:

On the admin panel, administrator can manage the services and the categories and arrange them with full access rights.


3- Deals management:

Deals on services can be offered to the users with discount and a full support


4- Advertise:

You can easily create new ads into different format to show the latest for the mobile users.


5-  Online Notifications:

Notifications system support text-based notifications and rich notifications that include images.


6- Multi Languages:

It currently works with English and other language, all important contents done with a copywriter and can easily be configured to add more languages.


7- Google Admob enabled:

You can easily configure your Admob account into the app to generate side income from the app.


8- Services Search:

The iOS app allows users to search for specific services, keyword and dashboard allow you to easily navigate between users and services via the search function.


9- High Resolution assets:

All picture icons and assets used for the iOS app are available in .ai and .psd


10- Reviews:

Other important feature of the app is allowing users to leave a review for the services they booked inside the app where all users can see it with its date, numbers of stars (rating) and number of bookings (controlled by admin).


11- Images & Photos upload:

Users can upload their profile pictures that get stored on the server and in case of expansion you can easily synch to a CDN. For every service required user can upload photos that help the service provider with pricing and solving the problem.


12- PDF Invoices:

You can generate a .pdf invoice for every payment using the admin and users also can generate a pdf for their payments using laptop or mobile device.


13- Locations:

The iOS app has google maps api’s, places and google pins enabled by user’s to know their location when they request a service.


14- Chat:

As an admin you have the possibility to chat with the users and to help them in case of support requests. 


15- Animation:

All ads, banners, deals and reviews are animated through slides that look great on the iOS user.


16- Sell or buy products:

The products section on the iOS app is a store where you can list products to sell or advertise.


17- Services picture:

Users can upload photos that help to explain the service provider.


18- Trending Section:

Shows to your users the best performing services and the most booked ones,


19- iPad is supported:

The app works perfectly fine for iPhones and iPads. All the screen sizes are taken into consideration.


20- Localized Services:

The app supports services depending on cities. Admin and service provider can select services for different cities.


21- Services suggestion:

Users can suggest a new service and it will be added to the other services. It is a way to express their needs for a service that is not provided yet.


22- OTP

An OTP will be sent to the user in order to register or in case to reset a new password.


23- Terms & conditions on SignUp:

The terms and conditions page is available on the registration process.


24- Localized app support:

App supports Services depends on cities.


25- Full control:

Admin can view user: Profile Image, Name, Email, Phone, Address, City, each service location, his profile location, all bookings and successful bookings.


26- Custom service type:

Services types are unlimited and categorized like: Installation, Repairs, Services and Deals. Admin can add more, all shown next to each service as an icon as well as Time takes to finish the service or installation or repair and price (if work-based or fixed price).


27- Orders:

Each offer has the order details, date of the offer, order number, status, invoice, extra confirmation details from admin, having problems, date of the booking, booking number, payment, complain and reviews.


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