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Using this Photo Frame source code you can create so many apps. You can take any type of Frames and rename this source code by with that Frame name & images and that's it you are done with new source code.

In this source code when Tap on first screen it will navigate to inner screen where you can select different types of photo frames, you have to select one photoframe & than click next. Now you have to select one photo from camera/Photo library which want to frame. Now in you are done in next screen you can Share that photo frame with your photo via Facebook,Email,Download.


  •      List of fire frames to make beautiful photos.
  •      Choose photo from gallery to decorate with fire frame.
  •      Also take photo from camera to decorate with fire frame.
  •      Save new photo to your gallery
  •      Also share your photo with Email, twitter and MMS.

How To Change Source Code

1. To add more fire frames
 - add new fire frame images to "res/drawable"
 - give drawable id to "image" variable of
 - also give drawable id to "mThumbIds" variable of

2. To change in layout
 - you can change your layout design by modifying xml files from "res/layout"

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