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Automatic Call Recorder is one of the best free unlimited call recorder app. With this app you can record unlimited incoming and outgoing call. You can also customize the call recording functionalities as per your requirements and save only that you need.

Just shake your phone and start recording all your calls and save them on your phone storage. Once you open the app, then you will find the some interesting option like change the storage folder as per the space availability, change the file format, activate the shake and record option, set up a password to maintain the privacy, save recording permanently from inbox, change records storage location, delete recorded items and much more.
                                        Demo Apk:- 

Changing the Admob Id's and the link for Rate App,More App and Like us on Facebook.






Replacing Drawable images.








Changing Package name of the Application.




Step 1:- UnCheck the Compact Empty Middle Package and Flatten Packages if Checked.









Step 2:- Go to the path app -> java -> com -> gameimax -> autohdcallrecoder

Right click go to refactor -> rename








Step 3:- Rename the autohdcallrecorder with your appname.








Step 4:- Similarly go to path app- > java -> com -> gameimax

Right click go to refactor -> rename and rename gameimax with your name








Step 5:- Now open GradleScript -> Module:app









Step 6:- Replace your full package name instead of com.gameimax.autohdcallrecorder










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