Baby Wisdom Tooth Doctor

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Hey kids, have you ever imagined about become a Professional Dentist? Here GameiMax has arrived with Baby Wisdom Tooth for you. By this game you can learn how to apply dental treatment and how to use all the tools for tooth treatment of a Baby. Mainly two views included inside the game "Teeth View" & "Tongue View". Some baby patients are waiting for proper dental treatment. As the game start, brush the teeth, wash it using shower, remove cavities, horrible germs, dark spot like black dot and Blood dots. After that put braces on teeth properly.


==> X-ray machine used to take X-ray of tooth
==> Skin wrapper used to pull skin
==> Apply Injection on tooth
==> Tooth removal to remove bad teeth
==> Cotton used to rub on tooth
==> Wash tooth using Shower
==> Use Water sucker to suck water
==> Blood sucker to suck blood
==> Clean Tongue using tongue cleaner
==> Apply Bandaids on injured part
==> Mouth freshener
==> Germ killer to kill horrible germs
==> Cream
==> Pimple remover
==> Dirt remover
==> In Paint view you can design your character

Kids will learn dental treatment in funny way. Download now this game to be a professional Dentist.

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