Car to Exit/Sliding Block Puzzle Game

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Car To Exit is an easy, sliding puzzle game, set in a parking lot, where you slide away cars that get in the way to guide your car successfully to the exit. This is an addictive game that is perfect for passing the time!


How to Play?

1. Try to clear a stage by moving your car block toward the exit.
2. Slide any car blocks that get in the way to secure the exit.
3. You can get bonus points by clearing a stage with a low number of moves.


  •      3 different levels of difficulty. A total of more than 2,000 puzzles to be solved!
  •      You can use the hint functionality to see how to solve difficult puzzles.
  •      The lower the number of moves, the higher the score; and you can also get some bonus points.
  •      If you succeed in solving a puzzle under certain conditions,

How To Change Source Code

Change Images, Backbround and Theme and replace with yours.

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