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Here is a rare chance to buy a fully functional app with a system, and support and setup. If you buy this source code, I will personally assist you in setting up a and how to add items to your . This app comes with a wishlist function, collection funtion, five-star system, section, sharing functions, a store function, and the ability to buy products directly from the the app. In addition, the app has built-in iAd and in-app purchase support can be enabled or disabled depending on your needs. Finally, I am able to add specific functions before the purchase of the source code for a minor extra fee. This source code will be set-up with a parse makes your maintenance very minimal. This is very powerful and can help people who want a app for their small business or even someone try to a full-fledged app.


Each view is named so your able to easily understand its function. Much of the code is also commented to help you understand its function. Most of the work you will need to do is within the Parse database which I will assist you with. You are able to add/remove tabs from the sliding table view in the "SlideOutTableViewController" file. This is probably the main function you may want to edit. Finally, if you have any questions on the source code at all, please contact us here on SellMySourceCode, they have provided a message communication media.

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The purchase of this app allows you to post one copy of this app on the app store. In addition, the purchase of this app guarantees support with the set-up of the goes along witht the app. You may not resell this source code under any circumstances.

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