Christmas Pajama Party : Girls Pj Party

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Who doesn't like parties? Our princess has organised a pajama party. Do you want to be part of this Christmas game party? It's going to be super fun. You need to invite, friends so make an amazing invitation card, post it, prepare some popcorn, prepare a delicious cake, do the face painting, dance, do pillow fights and have a rocking pajama party. Don't forget to bring your sleeping bag! All the details are important for the party to be unforgettable so don't miss out the fun elements.

Invitation Card view:
Make an invitation card to invite all the friends for the pajama party. You can select the beautiful design for the card of your choice and add some text for the invitation. Choose some stickers to make it more attractive.

After preparing an attractive invitation card, now it's time to post it. Send the invitations to all your friends.

A party is incomplete without a delicious cake. You need to prepare the cake and decorate it as per your choice. Make a cake be a fantastic cake maker, choose a beautiful frosting, do some nice icing and give a final touch by an attractive decoration.

Face painting is going to be so much fun, you can design a fun face and show off your artistic skills. There are number of colours and tools available in the panel. Show your creativity and have fun in this face painting game.

Make some yummy popcorn, choose some delicious flavours of your choice and add it into a machine, allow it to pop and enjoy the popcorn.

It's a girls night and a delicious food and arrangements should be amazing. Serve them what they wish to eat out the options available in this cooking game. From girls talk to hilarious pranks, there's so much to do at this party extravaganza!

Have a blast as you toss pillows at your friends and have a crazy good time! Have the slumber party of your dreams! Find the hiding girls, target them and hit the pillow in the pillow fight games.

Show off your best dance moves & get totally SILLY with the best friends. Give the best performances and have fun.

After so much fun girls are tried and now It's time to doze off and see dreams. You just need to fulfill the dream by completing the shadows.

Sleeping face painting:
Girls are sleeping, let's play a prank. In here, you just have to paint the face by using different tools, like toothpaste, paint brush etc.. She will see it when she wakes up. It's gonna be exciting.

Choose your favorite pajama party dress, select a hairstyle, hat and cute footwear, also share the beauty secrets with friends. A wonderful Pajama party is waiting for you!

No party is complete without perfect hair and makeup! Choose different hairstyles to match your night time fashion, then apply some eye shadow, pick a nice eye lens, blush and lipstick to make the outfit complete. Don't forget the matching Jewelry. It's surely going to be fun games for girls.

Who doesn't like great photos of themselves? Create some good memories and capture it. Select the background you like and capture the moments. You can also save it to your device and share it.

Christmas Pajama Party game is totally free to download and play, So don't miss the fun of pajama party.




Step – 1: Import “” to AndroidStudio.




————————Your Project Configured successfully—————————



Step - 2: make changes for Appname, in-App id and adMob id


2.1 = in AndroidStudio, navigate to your project and you will see app folder,inside that folder there will be a res folder,inside that folder there will be, value folder in that there will be a string.xml file

->open string.xml



->Make changes to fields according to your requirement here



2.2 = For example: your app name is Sky fighter and Currently It is having name “NewGame” in string.xml then


<string name="app_name">Your App Name</string>


<string name="app_name">Sky fighter</string>



2.3 & 2.4 =

Same As Above Change “admob_id” , “intersttial_id” , “base64_encoded_key”




Step - 3: