Christmas Puppy Care

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On this christmas take care of your cute puppies.These two cute puppies were left in your care while their owner is away, make sure they get enough food and water and attention so they can stay happy.

They are waiting to play with you, make them bathe, take care of them, dress them up..

****Bath Time
These adorable puppies have been playing with his puppy friends all day and now he's very dirty and stinky ... give bath to your puppy, so it becomes very clean , you can clean your puppy with soap, shampoo and also do make them smell with perfume bottles..

***Dress Up Time
Pick a puppy and dress him or her up in dozens of combinations of costumes. Make your puppy look like Santa Claus or a princess or put the puppy in a silly animal costumes like dressed ,caps, shoes and sunglasses…

***Feed Me!
Your puppy is getting hungry. Feed your puppy dog food, or biscuits. Fill up the bowl and your puppy is ready to eat. Yum!

***Play Time
Give toys to your puppy to play and make it very happy, here are many toys which makes your puppy very happy
It’s a beautiful day to take your puppy to the park. But don’t forget to pick up his poop!

***Puppy Bath & Shower Time!
Your puppy has had a sensational day and got dirty. Put shampoo and scrub your puppy with a sponge and rinse with water. Then use the hair dryer and blow dry your puppy’s fur. Your puppy is sparkling clean now!

***Hospital Time
You can also go to hospital for your puppy care, if he is ill.Give him injection, put bandage on his injury, check heartbeats by stethoscope and also check temperature of it.

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