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Clever Rent is a multi-purpose application to manage your rentals or appointments. You can rent or take appointments for everything you need (hotels, hostels, cars, houses etc.)

If you have a hotel or hostel and want to rent rooms or even beds, if you have a car rental company and need to manage renting for your cars, if you want rent apartments and need to see your daily rental availability or even have a clinic for your patients and need to manage appointments; Clever Rent is here for you.

You can reach your data anywhere in the world by our on-line services. So you can manage your data on different devices without any synchronization. Your data always up and latest.

Also you can manage your customers and accounts (incomings and outgoings) very easily. For further information please check our website.

Rental & Appointment Application - iOS - Android

Multi-language ready: There is a language helper and resource file to hold languages. You can easily add new translations to your application.
Rent Clendar: A calendar like view completely touchable for easy navigate and manipulation for existing rents-appointments.
Companies: App supports multiple companies. So the user can manage his/her hotel or car rental company via one application (can switch the company in the application and everything will be switched to that company).
Units: You can define your rental objects (hotel rooms, cars or doctors)
Payments: You can hold your payments with associated accounts that you define. You can also associate your payments with rents.
Accounts: You can define accounts to hold your payments in them. So you can hold money on different safes.
Customers: You can define and associate customers with rents.
Rent Labels: You can mark your rents with custom colors. So you can easily see and understand what is the purpose of the rent on calendar like view.
Money Types: You can add money types that you need to the application for different payments.
Program Users: You can add external program users to use the application (or deactivate them if they left the company).
Reports: Easy reports to find about your rents or account-payment statuses.
Learn xamarin forms and restfull api structure.
Application can be build for windows phone too, but you need above windows8.1 and phone sdk.

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