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Prepare the best dress up and makeover for the cute pet dog of the celebrity in your makeover salon for pets.

Choose from a lot of different styles for the dresses with lot of different options like shoes, cap, different variety of jackets etc.

Then take him for a photo shoot and set the best background suiting the style and cuteness of the pet and click a photograph on your own and save it to the gallery.

Enjoy a lot of different activities like playing different games, feeding him, giving him a clean bath etc. Enjoy this cute game for kids and have fun with all the adorable pets.

You can easily customize this App Template to any theme of your choice by just changing 2D Graphics, icons, Default images and sounds.

 - The source code is outstanding and is implemented in JAVA

 - Is already optimized for Mars Mallow (latest Android 6)
 - Admob implemented & ready

 - Play different games with the pet using different toys in the beautiful play-ground.

 - Bath him when he is dirty using all the different shampoos and soaps.

 - Feed him later with his favorite dishes.

 - Dress him up with lot of different fashion styles and different variety of clothes.

 - Later take him for a stylish photo shoot and save the cute picture into your gallery.

 - Share the cute picture and the game with your friends and have lot of fun playing with it.



Step 1 : Add google play services in eclipse.

Open eclipse->file->new->project->android->android project from existing code->selct project (select google play services )














Step 2 : Add Library in eclipse

Same as step1 (choose libcocos2dx)




Step 3 : Add google play service in library

Libcocos2dx->right click->properties->android->select google play service to by clciking on add button








Step 4 : Import your project in eclipse

Follow step1




Step 5 : Add library to your project







Step 6 : Change banner id and instertitial id

Your project->res->values->strings.xml








Step 7 : Change your game name

Your project->res->values->strings.xml








Step 8 : Change your game package name






Your project->right click->rename application package->change your package name->ok











click on finish to finish





Step 9 : Change icon

Select project->res->put 144*144 icon in




-> drawable-hdpi


-> drawable-ldpi


-> drawable-mdpi


-> drawable-xhdpi








Step 10 : Generate apk

Select project->android tools->signed application package







Give Your project name







Give Keystore Location and password







Give Alias to your keystore








Give path where you want to save your generated APK









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