Designer Birthday Cake Bakery

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Great news for all the cake baking lovers - GameiMake recently launched "Designer Birthday Cake Bakery" where you will get to bake a yummy cake for the birthday party. In this cake bakery game, you have to follow some important rules and take attention in each and every step to make a delicious cake. First of all, you have to select different ingredients like flour, eggs, milk, sugar, butter and much more to make a delicious cake. After that, mix all the ingredients and put it on a cake stand, then bake it in the oven into the perfect shape. Don't forget to set the temperature to bake the cake and then pull it out. Once the cake is ready, be creative to decorate the cake with different items by choosing frosting, icing, toppings, candles and much more. After that decorate the room as you want and then cut the cake with your best friends and celebrate the birthday with them. After that, make a crispy donut with use of different ingredients like flour, salt, eggs, butter and much more and then decorate it with different toppings and serve it in this cooking game. Play and enjoy this cooking game and become a master chef in this birthday cake maker game for kids.


- Perfect birthday cake bakery game for kids
- Choose a favorite shape to make delicious cake
- Prepare cotton candy
- Make milkshakes of different flavor that you want
- Choose your favorite flavor of popcorn and make it
- Kids learning game
- Best cake baker game

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