English Checkers

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Playing English checkers with good intelligence.

Description of the source code of "English Checkers"

Step 1.

Change ID - is necessary.

  • Change the program ID in the following places using any file manager:
  • In the AndroidManifest.xml file change the line package=" ru.dizaak.stars2" to package="com.my.game" and the line android:name="ru.dizaak.stars2.MainActivity" to android:name= "com.my.game.MainActivity" where com.my.game is the new ID of your game;
  • Change the line ru.dizaak.stars2 in the files MainActivity.java, BuildConfig.java, R.java and bin\AndroidManifest.xml to com. my.game;
  • Change the path bin\classes\ru\dizaak\stars2 to bin\classes\com\my\game; gen\ru\dizaak\stars2 to gen\com\my\game and src\ru\dizaak\stars2 to src\com\my\game.


Step 2.

Change the project name - not necessary.

  • Change the name of the project "English Checkers" in the file .project to your.


Step 3.

Change of key information about the game - is necessary.

  • In the file strings.xml enter your game name, version, creation date, author and address of your site.


Step 4.

Change messages - not necessary.

  • In the strings.xml file, specify your own instead of Russian-language messages.


Step 5.

Change the AdBuddiz key - is necessary.

  • If you use the AdBuddiz service to monetize your application, change AdBuddiz.setPublisherKey to your. If not used - leave as is.


Step 6.

Resource change - recommended.

  • Change the game icon (files res\drawable-mdpi 48x48; res\drawable\xhdpi 96x96);
  • Change the graphic files of the game (folder res\drawable-nodpi);
  • Change the sound and voice messages (folder res\raw)


Step 7.

Change the program code - not necessary.

If you want to make changes to the program code, here are its main procedures and functions:

  • void RecountXY() - changing the coordinates of the output of visual objects - adapting to the current screen size.
  • public Bitmap DrawRoom(Bitmap BMIn) - Drawing the main menu in the form of a room with a fireplace.
  • public Bitmap DrawGame(Bitmap BMIn) - Drawing board with checkers during the game.
  • public double Look(byte[][] AA) - Estimate function for minimax.
  • public double[] HodCo(byte[][] A1, boolean[][] B1, boolean RNow, int nk, boolean First,int FrI, int FrJ, int ToI, int ToJ, double OZ) - Intelligent minimax function with alpha-beta clipping for the computer.
  • public double HodMe(byte[][] A1, boolean[][] B1, boolean RNow, int nk, double OZ) - Intelligent minimax function with alpha-beta clipping for the computer.

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