Fairy Princess Bicycle Fiasco

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Help the fairy princess who is facing lot of fiasco with her bicycle and enjoy an amazing fun bicycle ride with her. Help her to make a beautiful bicycle by collecting all the parts from the bicycle shop and then join them together. Once it is made go for a fun ride on the bicycle together and be sure that you don't fall from the cycle. If the princess falls from the bicycle help her with all the treatment to cure her injuries. Clean the bicycle and also go for a shopping on your bicycle. Complete tons of other different activities and games with the fairy princess.

The source code is outstanding and is implemented in JAVA

Is already optimized for Mars Mallow (latest Android 6)

Admob implemented & ready

- Take care little princess

- It's time to repair the bicycle

- It's time to decorate the bicycle

- It's time for shopping

- Once it is made go for a fun ride on the bicycle together


                                          Demo Apk:-



Step 1 : Add google play services in eclipse

Open eclipse->file->new->project->android->android project from existing code->select project (select google play services)














Step 2 : Add Library in eclipse

Same as step1 (choose libcocos2dx)




Step 3 : Add google play service in library

Libcocos2dx->right click->properties->android->select google play service to by clciking on add button








Step 4 : Import your project in eclipse

Follow step 1

Step 5 : Add library to your project






Step 6 : Change banner id and instertitial id

Your project->res->values->strings.xml








Step 7 : Change your game name

Your project->res->values->strings.xml








Step 8 : Change your game package name




your project->right click->rename application package->change your package name->ok












Click on finish to finish




Step 9 : Change icon

Select project->res->put 144*144 icon in

- drawable-hdpi

- drawable-ldpi

- drawable-mdpi

- drawable-xhdpi








Step 10 : Generate apk