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Funny Selfie Photo Snapchat is specially designed for making funny pictures. With this app you can put your photo into another photo with special effects as you want. Let's creative, funny smiley filters, clip art and text to your selfie photo. First, choose any photo from your phone gallery or take an awesome selfie with a camera. Then write texts to your photo using different fonts. Add clip art and filter to your snap, we have added lots of clip art for you like doggy eyes, cute rabbit ears and more. Edit your snaps with special effects like overlay, enhancement and make your pictures more expressive. Use this app to take funny selfie photos every time. Decorate your photos and share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social networks impress your friends.


Changing the Admob Id's.





Replacing Drawable images.








Changing Package name of the Application.






Step 1:- UnCheck the Compact Empty Middle Package and Flatten Packages if Checked.






Step 2:- Go to the path app -> java -> com -> gameimax -> funnyselfiephotosnapchat

Right click go to refactor -> rename









Step 3:- Rename the funnyselfiephotosnapchat with your appname.






Step 4:- Similarly go to path app- > java -> com -> gameimax

Right click go to refactor -> rename and rename gameimax with your name









Step 5:- Now open GradleScript -> Module:app

Replace your full package name instead of










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