Halloween Home Decoration

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Hey Friends, If you want to scare your guests and family members on this Halloween Day then Halloween Home Decoration is the right game for you. Here in this Halloween Home Decoration game, you can convert your house into a Halloween House with your own ideas. In this Halloween game, you can decorate the backyard of house, garden, bedroom, kitchen and much more areas of house by selecting some scary accessories & cool objects. These fun activities will get you the feeling of enjoying a Halloween festival right at home. Now that you're all set with the halloween house, then use your skills and decorate a hat and pumpkin for Halloween. Don't forget to arrange the table for special Halloween dinner party. At the end, choose some funky sticker, hair style, cap and get ready for Halloween party. Play this Halloween Home Decoration game and celebrate this Halloween with all your friends and family members.

Key Features:

- Lots of Halloween activities like halloween room decoration, dressing up, makeover
- Decorate the home with all the items
- Decorate a pumpkin with your favourite shapes
- Enjoy Face Painting
- Various pretty masks designed by yourself to select
- Take a photo with Halloween face
- Best home decoration game for Halloween celebration

Step – 1: Import “proj.android-studio” to AndroidStudio.




————————Your Project Configured successfully—————————



Step - 2: make changes for Appname, in-App id and adMob id


2.1 = in AndroidStudio, navigate to your project and you will see app folder,inside that folder there will be a res folder,inside that folder there will be, value folder in that there will be a string.xml file

->open string.xml



->Make changes to fields according to your requirement here


2.2 = For example: your app name is Sky fighter and Currently It is having name “NewGame” in string.xml then


<string name="app_name">Your App Name</string>


<string name="app_name">Sky fighter</string>




2.3 & 2.4 =

Same As Above Change “admob_id” , “intersttial_id” , “base64_encoded_key”





Step - 3:


3.1 = Change Your Package Name :

->in AndroidStudio, navigate to your project and you will see AndroidManifest.xml file

change “com.XXX.ZZZ” to You Packagename





3.2 =


->in AndroidStudio,Below the project Folder there will a other tab named Gradle scripts, click the arrow beside the Cradle Scripts

->open the "build.gradle(Module:withProjectName)"


In that replace your package name with the old one


For example:


applicationId "com.XXX.ZZZ"


applicationId "Your Packagename"







->in AndroidStudio, navigate to your project and you will see “src” folder,inside that folder there will be a “org.cocos2d.cpp” folder,inside that folder there will be a AppActivity file

change “import com.XXX.ZZZ.R;” to You PackageName





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