Halloween Stylist Hair Beauty Salon

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Halloween Stylist Hair & Beauty Salon game developed to celebrate Halloween 2017. Here in this Halloween fashion salon game, we invite all fashion stylists to perform the most epic beauty Halloween makeover on different Halloween girl. Come and show your fashion skills in this nail art salon game and let her become the most beautiful one in this Halloween 2017. Start by taking her to the hair salon and give her attractive hairstyle for a Halloween party. Here we'd like to give you our brand-new hair highlighting, which will absolutely lighten the Halloween girl with bright colors. Then visit a spa section and give her smooth skin with all natural creams and face mask. In this doll makeover game we included lots of fun-filled activities for you like Design a shoes with different accessories, use various stickers and give her attractive body, surprise everyone with the most outrageous face paint and much more. After completing your great creative work, give her fabulous look by selecting makeup and dress up accessories.

Key Features:
- Lots of fun levels: Shoes design, Tattoo, Hair salon, Spa, Face paint, Makeup and Dress up
- Hair highlighting brings out most attractive colors for your hair
- Tons of various tattoos
- Hundreds of Halloween-themed makeup accessories
- Halloween themed levels and backgrounds
- Select outfits, hairstyles, footwear, bracelets and much more
- Dress up world games and Halloween party games for girls
- Face paints salon game
- Halloween girl makeover game



Step – 1: Import “proj.android-studio” to AndroidStudio.




————————Your Project Configured successfully—————————



Step - 2: make changes for Appname, in-App id and adMob id


2.1 = in AndroidStudio, navigate to your project and you will see app folder,inside that folder there will be a res folder,inside that folder there will be, value folder in that there will be a string.xml file

->open string.xml




>Make changes to fields according to your requirement here


2.2 = For example: your app name is Sky fighter and Currently It is having name “NewGame” in string.xml then


<string name="app_name">Your App Name</string>


<string name="app_name">Sky fighter</string>



2.3 & 2.4 =

Same As Above Change “admob_id” , “intersttial_id” , “base64_encoded_key”




Step - 3:


3.1 = Change Your Package Name :

->in AndroidStudio, navigate to your project and you will see AndroidManifest.xml file

change “com.XXX.ZZZ” to You Packagename



3.2 =


->in AndroidStudio,Below the project Folder there will a other tab named Gradle scripts, click the arrow beside the Cradle Scripts

->open the "build.gradle(Module:withProjectName)"


In that replace your package name with the old one


For example:


applicationId "com.XXX.ZZZ"


applicationId "Your Packagename"






->in AndroidStudio, navigate to your project and you will see “src” folder,inside that folder there will be a “org.cocos2d.cpp” folder,inside that folder there will be a AppActivity file

change “import com.XXX.ZZZ.R;” to You PackageName





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