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Do you want to feel what doctors feel at the time of surgery? So here's the chance to be a surgeon and do the breathtaking surgeries. Heart Nose Eye, Ear Surgery Hospital game is a collection of so many different surgeries. Be the surgeon and do the surgeries like heart valve surgery, heart vein surgery, heart shock treatment and many more. Numerous medical instruments and tools are there to do the perfect surgery. Various views are there to do the treatment of eye, ear and nose. This Heart Doctor Surgery game is a complete instructor to do this highly complicated surgery.

Ear Surgery Game

There are some problems with one patient's ear, she thinks that some insect is crawling in her ear and she is waiting for you to come and cure her ear. You need to solve all the problems of her ear. Don't hesitate there will be many tools and instruments to help you with this task.

Eye Surgery Game

One patient got some eye infection for a long time. Infection made her visual so weak that she is not able to see properly. Repair her eyes and give her a nice vision with those eyes. Do some necessary test to ensure her vision. Take care of her eyes because eyes are the sensitive part of our body. So do it carefully.

Nose Surgery Game

Winter comes and brings so many nose infections. There's one patient who needs a cure for her nose infection. She is not able to breathe properly and having an itch in the nose. Get the dirt, germs, bacteria, pimples and blisters removed from the nose. Make her breathing clean and fresh.

Heart Fluid Surgery Game

There is one patient who needs heart fluid surgery. She had some viral infection a few days ago. Now her heart is covered with the fluid. So now you are up for a heart, fluid surgery. Inject her, check her heartbeat, clean the fluid on the heart, put a stand, do the stitches properly and get it done. Please make sure everything goes well. The patient is depending on you.

Heart Vein Surgery Game

This patient is really critical. She has so much of plaque gathered in her coronary artery. Blood flow is decreased in a critical way. Scan her heartbeat. Is it low from our surgery requirement? If it is more than our requirement then start the further procedure and remove the plaque from her vein. Give the best you can save her life.

Heart Valve Surgery Game

One patient needs a heart valve surgery. She is the patient of mitral regurgitation. A defect in heart valve shows the symptoms of major heart disease. Mitra regurgitation is one of them. In this surgery patient will need an oxygen mask because it's a major operation. You need to cut the valves, join the artificial valves for some time then again you need to stitch original valves.

Electric Shock Treatment

This girl is a patient of coronary artery bypass grafting. She needs shock therapy. First, check her heartbeat. If it is normal, then give her a shock. Give her injection and tablets. Please do take care when you are giving her cardiogenic shock.

Learn the use of tools like; to cut a wound with a scalpel, suction tool, stitch wounds, give an adrenaline injection, use forceps, use a laser to close wounds, replace organs, suck away fat tissue and plaque.

Key Features of Heart Doctor Surgery Simulator game:

- Execute any surgery at anytime and anywhere
- Do every surgical procedure step by step
- Learn the use of different medical instruments
- Be the real-time heart surgeon and save many lives
- So many patients to examine diagnosis and cure
- Learn different medical test in this doctor game
- Chance to be a crazy surgeon and have a fun time with patients

There are so many patients are waiting for you to be cured. So what are you waiting for? Play this virtual surgery game and get educated with surgeries and have a lot of fun with patients.

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