High School Breakup Triangle:Halloween Love Affair

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Hey Girls, What would you do if you caught your boyfriend cheating on you? In this Girl Breakup Triangle game, you can experience the college love triangle story of Lisa, She loved her boyfriend John who cheated on her. So get ready to enjoy the secret love story from head to toe by completing lots of different romantic levels in this love affair game.

Early Morning Activities:

Lisa has done with her high school! Her college is going to start very soon. Let's wake up Lisa and complete all the early morning preparations like a tap on the alarm, brushing her teeth properly, give her refreshing bath and much more.

Enjoy Phone Call Between two friends:

Lisa needs to go for a shopping for the college! She needs a company for that. And she decided to ask her friend Carol for that.

Going On Scooter :

Oh, no..Lisa hit by a car and she needs your help. First of all, take her to the hospital and perform virtual surgery in this love game. Remove all the thorn that got inserted into her legs and apply antiseptic liquid, ice pack, ointment properly.

Classroom View:

It's Lisa's first day of the college! She is so happy & excited. In the classroom you have to help John like writing the message for Lisa (I love you), (I miss you), (I kiss you) & enjoy the naughty fun activity in this love crush game.

Outside classroom View:

Lisa is angry with John. She felt so embarrassed by his behavior! She talks about this with John and exchanges a phone number with him.

Enjoy Phone call view:

John is calling to Lisa & speaks about the classroom incident. And also ask her for a date and plans for lunch.

Spa Treatment for Geeky Girl:

Lisa needs a pretty look, Let's help by performing spa treatment using a different face mask and natural cream.

Makeup for Girl:

Every girl wants to look nice when she goes for an outing with her special friend! Let's help Lisa to look beautiful by selecting a nice makeup like eye lenses, eyebrow, blusher, a pair of earrings, necklace & much more.

Enjoy Lunch:

John took Lisa to one of the best restaurants of the town! Serve them delicious food & healthy juice at the restaurant.

Fight With Ex Boy Friend:

Lisa is upset because her ex-boyfriend teased her. Now it's time to do the fight with stupid guys who teased Lisa.

Introduce Carol with College Friends:

Carol has become friends with Lisa. So let's introduce carol with the college group. Enjoy interesting conversation & get ready for a love triangle.

Enjoy Kiss in Theatre:

John, Lisa & Carol have become good friends and decided for a movie. So you have to tap on the button to make John & Carol kiss & make sure you Lisa is not aware of this.

Had Quarrel and Breakup:

Carol and John have become close friends and came nearer to each other by the time. Nowadays, they are spending more time together and enjoy the kiss. Oh no Lisa finds John kissing Carol. She can't believe it!

Phone Call View:

Lisa is so upset with John as he broke her heart! John decided to talk with Lisa as he knows, it was his fault! Finally, John and Lisa had sorted out all the problems on a call. John has asked Lisa for a date and Lisa said yes!

Date Preparations:

Let's help Lisa for date preparation by performing tons activities like write the message, choose a beautiful flower, select the perfect the box for a ring & much more.

Flowers Bouquet:

Let's help John to make a beautiful bouquet for Lisa & impress her.

Enjoy Ballet Dance:

Lisa loves ballet dancing! She dances so well, she wants to show her dance moves to John. So let's help her by selecting your favourite moves.

Date with your love Partner:

Finally, it's the most awaited evening for John & Lisa, they are going to enjoy the romantic dinner date.

Marriage in a church:

John proposed to for the marriage & Lisa said Yes. How can we miss their wedding? Let's witness this beautiful wedding of John & Lisa!

Photo Shoot:

At the end, Click some amazing photos for them.



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