Kitty & Puppy Doctor Checkup Hospital

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Hello Kids, Do you want to open your own pet clinic? If yes, Kitty & Puppy Doctor Checkup Hospital is the right game for you. There are some cute pets are waiting for you. So treat them in this Pet Hospital game and experienced the joy after saving the life little animals. In this pet care game, firstly you have to select your favourite character and start to cure little pets. First of all, clean its ears and giving it some medical attention.

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Project Guide For Reskin

Step - 1 | How to open project

--> Open Source Code Folder.

--> Open proj.ios folder under source code folder.

--> Choose Project file and open it in Xcode.


Step -2 | Change App Name And Bundle Identifier


Step - 3 | Change Splash Screen


Step - 4 Change Icon

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