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Redesign this app, make features to be in-purchased and turn into the high-yield product..

There is a bunch of upgrades, which users suggested to make. Embody it.

The experts say, that people buy first of all design, so make a great icon and reskin.

Also you must redesign it (it has now default design) and embody in-purchase.

This app is unique tool for cleaning memory of the phone by searching copies of the files. There are a lot of settings: search copies on the SD or internal or both, search copies of all files or curtains formats, search certain sizes and so on. Lock some of the features and make it in-purchase.

Text me, if you want the app with transfer. I'm selling all my 30 apps, developed in 4 years, b/c I'm changing field of activity. Check all my listings.

Memory Freed source code

Apps source code, developed in Eclipse (easy to reskin).

Addmob is integrated.

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