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This time we have come up with your favourite hospital dash game. In this hospital game, we have covered lots of hospital activities like general hospital check ups and treatments, dental hospital check ups and treatments & surgery hospital for legs and hands. You can enjoy three gameplay areas in a single fun hospital game. The dash game involves different rewards and daily challenges to tighten your gameplay experience. The patients keep coming with their problems and you are the only one who can nurse them in this health care game. Manage your time as a doctor and work fast to diagnose, treat and cure all those who need treatments in this hospital simulation game. You need to manage hospital in this crazy time management game that is full of medical treatments and professional medical tools. Learn how to be a multi-tasking doctor and pay attention to different things at the same time in the doctor game. You need to train your fingers to be fast, make decisions quickly and keep every patient happy in this addictive game. So what are you waiting for guys? There are so many patients waiting for you to be treated. Cure all the patients and unlock all different hospital of this hospital simulation game.

Enjoy hospital shop game that include different activities like giving injection, applying healing cream, treating different surgery, dressing bandage, giving pills, measuring blood pressure and pulse & many more. For better treatments in medical clinic game, you have to upgrade your hospital and pursue a medical career from a medical student to the senior doctor.

# Key Features

- Become a doctor to cure lots of patients in surgery game
- Serve patients using different medicines and equipments
- Unlock different hospitals for variety of treatments
- Different hospitals for the variety of play areas
- Number of upgrades to increase the treatment speed
- Handle so many patients in this diagnose game
- Use number of awesome power up to excite the gameplay
- Complete daily challenge and earn rewards
- Get unexpected daily rewards during the play area
- Certain goals have to be achieved to complete the level
- Upgrade the tools to perform faster for better treatment game experience

In hospital simulator game have more fun, more patients, more treatments. Let’s play hospital doctor game where you need to manage customers and maintain own health care centre. Let’s download hospital simulator and show your medical and time management talent.

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