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Panic Button allows you to secretly send (preset) SMS with your GPS coordinates (to preset addressee) for help by clicking on widget, or by shaking the phone. Also at the same time the app starts to secretly make video of your problem (malefactor) and sends it to preset emails. Panic button can be activated by clicking on widget or by SHAKING the phone. And more more options. As far as I'm changing field of activity, I sell all published and unpublished apps. Panic Button is unpublished.

Note: this app has not been released yet. Be the first developer, who publish it.

The application is designed for emergencies. When you are unable to call or, worse, to send sms. You urgently need help.

What kind of situations it can be:
- Unexpected health problems: dizziness, heart problems and so on.
- Gangster, hooligan attack.
- Police misconduct.
- An unexpected injury in an accident: falling, fracture, dislocation.
- An injury on the ski slope.
- You're lost in the woods.
And many others.

Here's what the program can do:
- Send a panic message to your friends and family at the click of the widget, or by shaking the phone.
- Tell your friends your location by SMS. The coordinates are displayed in the SMS (active link) by clicking on them (directly in the SMS), recipient of the message goes to Google-maps and instantly see your location.
- SOS signal transmission using a strobe flash (this feature is just designed for the forest or mountains).
- And powerful optional feature. Full version can create video, cut it in pieces and send one by one (not stopping recording) to preset emails of your friends and relatives. So an intruders of violent police can not delete these videos. The idea to cut videos related to the fact that small videos can quickly be sent.

All settings are:
1. Create any number of panic messages.
2. Programming sending messages through the gyro (shaking the phone). To send a message via the gyroscope must activate this feature in the program (column shake).
3. Programming for gyro sensitivity (1 - 10, 10 - the most sensitive). Sending a gyroscope can not be always kept active. Therefore, before potentially a crisis situation, you must separately activate tick "shake" inside the program. It should also be set up (in the settings): the sensitivity of the gyro and the duration of the activation sending by the gyro. When the interval of activation ends, gyro turns off itself. Sending a gyro is not activated all the time, because in that case the phone will send the alarm message while each shake.
4. Setting activation of strobe flash (signal SOS) when sending a message. It can be programmed the frequency of strobe flash (one - to 5 times per minute) and duration of activation (up to 6 hours).
5. Widget on the desktop to send a message in 1 or 2 clicks. In the full version there are 2 types of widgets (1x1 and 2x4).
6. Hide sms message from history.
7. And some additional option, such as secretely making photos and videos and secretely sending them to preset email of your relatives.

- For options of determining the coordinates, we must allow the phone to determine the coordinates of the cell tower communications.

- It is an Android Eclipse project. 

Panic Button source code

App source code.

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