Princess High School Makeover

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Every girl always wants to look attractive. They want to have the beautiful clothes and always be fashionable. Here in this game princess wants to look really good in school and only you can help her. They are asking for your help to give them an attractive look by a makeover. So it's your task to give them the best makeover in your own salon. You can choose your favorite princess and get her ready for a haircut. You can wash her hair with shampoo and apply conditioner for a silky smooth hair. Then give her spa treatment for clean skin. After that, apply eye shadow, lipstick and mascara in makeup. When her look is all set, it's time to select the perfect dress up for her like dresses, earrings, necklace, bags, glasses, footwear and much more. Play and enjoy this high school makeover game and share with your friends.



Full Cocos2dx Source Code for iOS 
Fast Gameplay 
iOS 9 Optimized 
Images Optimized for iPhone 6 and 6 plus 
Admob implemented & ready
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Step 1

How to Setup



Step1:Download Cocos2dx Library


Step2:Unzip And Open Directory cocos2d-x-2.2.6


Step3:Create New Directory “projects” Under cocos2d-x-2.2.6 Main Directory


Step4:Put Given Source Code Under “projects ” Directory


Step5:Open Your Source Code Folder Under That “proj.ios” Directory Is There


Step6 : Open YourAppName..xcod




Step 2

Change Admob Banner & Interstitial ID


Banner ID




Search “Admob_Banner_ID” in main project and replace existing id







Interstitial ID

Search “Admob_Interstitial_ID” in main project and replace existing id








Step 3

Change App Name And Bundle Identifier







Step 4

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