Princess Piercing Artist Salon

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Hey Friends, Are you want to become a body piercer? If yes then show your skills in this Princess Piercing Artist Salon game and run your own virtual piercing shop. Here in this Piercing Artist Salon game, The beautiful princess need of a nose piercing, Tummy Piercing, Eyebrow Piercing, Ear Piercing and she select your Piercing salon to help pierce her nose, eyebrows, ear and tummy. 

Start by spa treatment for a smooth skin. Select your favourite body part where to place the piercing and use the piercing gun to place the jewelry. Here in this girl Piercing game, you can also remove the piercing and tattoo designs from her skin without piercing pain is through surgery simulation at your own Piercing salon.

Use different tools and remove all the piercing art you want. There are four places on the princess body where you have to remove the piercing. (1) Nose Piercing Removal (2)Tummy Piercing Removal (3) Eyebrow Piercing Removal (4) Ear Piercing Removal.

Key Features of Princess Piercing Artist Salon game:

- Carefully pierce her nose, ear, tummy and eyebrow so that she doesn't get hurt
- Use lots of different piercing tools
- Select Jewelry
- One of the best piercing game
- Run your own real piercing studio
- Perform different spa activities in this Piercing Artist Salon game
- Tons of patterns to choose from
- Show off your creativity

Step – 1: Import “” to AndroidStudio.




————————Your Project Configured successfully—————————


Step - 2: make changes for Appname, in-App id and adMob id


2.1 = in AndroidStudio, navigate to your project and you will see app folder,inside that folder there will be a res folder,inside that folder there will be, value folder in that there will be a string.xml file

->open string.xml



->Make changes to fields according to your requirement here



2.2 = For example: your app name is Sky fighter and Currently It is having name “NewGame” in string.xml then


<string name="app_name">Your App Name</string>


<string name="app_name">Sky fighter</string>



2.3 & 2.4 =

Same As Above Change “admob_id” , “intersttial_id” , “base64_encoded_key”




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