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Select quotes from a specific author and even keep track of favorites! Want to share a quote with a friend? With a single touch you can e-mail, text, Tweet, or post a quote to your favorite social networking site.

You also can get revenue from Admob ads in this app.

Very easy to build. 


Quotes App

Quotes Instructions

1. To edit quotes go in assets and open quotes.xml you can easy add more qoutes if needed

2. To change ads go in res/layout activity_quotes.xml and replace ads:adUnitId="YOUR ID" with your own id

3. To change app name go to values then strings.xml <string name="app_name">Quotes</string> replace Quotes

4. Rename application package

5. Replace all images in drawable-hdpi, drawable-mdpi, drawable-xhdpi and drawable-xxhdpi

6. In strings.xml add your autors of quotations add more <item>AUTOR</item> if needed

7. To change background color go in res/layout activity_main_menu.xml and activity_quotes.xml replace android:background="#00A5D4" with your own color

8. Run your app

If you have any questions, please add a comment.

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