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Bounce ball off paddles. Some paddles are moving some paddles are stationary.

Simply tap the screen in the direction you want to launch the ball into, but watch out! You can't think forever, each paddle has a timer.

You will meet enemies in the shape of giant crystal viruses along the way. Avoid them at all costs.

There are push and pull fields which will steer your ball. You will have to learn how to calculate their effects before you launch the ball.

There are powerups that will freeze your enemies, double the riches you collect in form of coins, or ones that reduce the power of push&pull fields.

There is also a shop which includes a large range of balls to choose from, each one with their unique design and appearance.

Basic instructions

To setup the game simply import source files as a new project to Unity 5 or above. The game mostly visually consists out of: the ball, paddles(platforms), enemies, and the background. The game is 3d but is viewed in 2d, which means that any object you want to change needs to be made in 3d and replaced or added to the originals.

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