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Integration & Reskinning

App Integration Documentation


Opening and Submitting the App to The App Store

  1. Download Android Studio if you do not have a copy
  2. Open Android Studio and click on File (top left corner) and select Import Project
  3. Find and select the unzipped folder containing the source code files.
  4. When project opens, click on the build tab on the top menu and select Generate Signed APK
  5. First Create a new key store path (this is where you app id file will be saved)
  6. Select where to download this file to first (DO NOT LOSE THIS FILE!!!).  Fill in your desired key store password.  Next Fill in Key Alias, password and at least 1 certificate information field.  The Validity is set to 25 years (recommended); This means that this certificate is good for 25 years to create apps and allow updates for your app.
  7. Once you have completed all fields press Ok.  This will begin to create your APK file.  An APK file is a compressed file containing your app source and credentials to be published.  Without an APK file it is impossible to submit to the Android market.
  8. Once the APK has been created click on find in explorer.  You can copy and paste this file anywhere.
  9. Open you web browser and log into you Google Developer account.  And then select add new app.  Fill in Title and then press upload APK
  10. Next click the blue button at the bottom of the page to upload your APK.  You can drag and drop your APK file in. 
  11. After you have uploaded your APK you will need to select your desired settings under store listing.  Here you will add your descriptions for app as well select your screenshots, app icon, type of app and app developer information.  When all information in the Store Listing is complete click on Pricing & Distribution.
  12. In pricing and distribution you will select which countries can download your app and select your app pricing.  Before you can submit to the app store you must agree to the Google terms and conditions.
  13. When all information is complete you will see 3 green checks next to APK, Store Listing and Pricing, and your status for your app will be changed to “Ready to Publish”.  To publish click on the app status tab and change it to publish.
    1. You have now successfully submitted your app!!!


 How To Reskin and change Icon Images


  1. In Android Studio select the Assets Folder under App.  Here is where you will find all the files necessary to change the looks and main functionality.  To Reskin select and open the .html file.
  2. To change the title the main screen edit the <title></title> tag
  3. To change the background color, edit the <body bgcolor> tag.  The color are referenced in hex color numbers.  If you need to determine the hex code number click on the link.
  4. To change the App name click on the strings.xml file.
  5. To change the App Icon click on the “drawable” folder under the “res” folder.  You will see at least 4 different app icon pictures named “Ic_launcher.png”.  Each one of these files is a different size for different devices.  To easily change click on the link and drag and drop your desired icon into the website’s toaster.  This will resize the icons for you easily.  Once the icons have been created simply copy and paste the icons into the drawable folder.  You may have to replace current icons.  Be sure that the icon name is “ic_launcher.png”, or it may not work correctly.  
  6. When all changes and edits are done, save and Generate an APK for production.  (steps on first page)


Important Extra’s!!!

  1. When trying to submit an app update you MUST change the android version and version code in your Androidmanifest.xml file.  If you choose a number larger you will not have any problems.  If you forget to do this you will be reminded by Google Play when trying to upload your APK.
  2. Editing your .html file may be easier using a WYSIWYG editor like Dreamweaver.

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