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How Loud can you scream to go up?

Scream way up is a fun, voice controlled high score game with cute little characters waiting to get to the top.
Timing and the best shout/scream will make a high score.
beware of all the tricky platforms and scream them up, don’t fall down otherwise boom its game over!

Take up the challenge to beat your family and friends using your scream!
“Warning”- Please don’t disturb your neighbours by making crazy and annoying sounds.
Have a blast playing this new voice controlled game!

How to play?

There are two modes of playing this game on mobile platforms-

Settings for different input type can be changed in the main menu

1Traditional Touch Input- you can click on the screen and the player will

2 Voice Input- this in the fun stuff, player has to scream in front of his screen, and the character will jump up

Get The full template which can be  easily reskinned and used as your new game.

This pack includes:

– Full game ready to use, easy to reskin.
– Platform Generator.
– Spawn pool system (quick and easy object pooling script. This PoolManager is made to be as simple to use and setup as making a new game object).
– Intro menu and in game UI system (using the new Unity UI) include and usable in other games.
– Sounds (FX and music) are free to use.
– Easy level generator to generate infinite level.
– Input Touch, Voice control and Mouse Input controller for mobiles (Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, windows PC).
– Animated icons and menu, and many more Animation.

-Ghost trail render tool

-Different player characters and unlockables

-UI sprites

-Very fun gameplay

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