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Millions of Music lovers love the Sound Track iPhone application and also like to share what they're listening. This application is the best way to share great music with your friends, family and followers.

In this application you can find lots of artists song collection and listen. Here you’ll get best songs collection at one place. We also provide facility to search songs by different categories and artist names. You can also get some fun here with different funny sound effects.


  •      Free, unlimited and super-fast song identification and listening
  •      Lightning-fast song search and auto-detection of what's playing on your device
  •      Discover and listen to songs of popular artists
  •      Dedicate songs to friends, followers and fans
  •      See what music is trending in your own neighborhood and around the world
  •      Works really well with the iPhone 5, iPod Touch, iPad Mini or iPad.

How To Change Source Code

You just have to make some small changes like:

Change Images and replace it with yours.

Change Icon and App Backgrounds.

Replace Sound Effects with yours.

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