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Does your little genius love to different junk food and got stomach ache? So lets him play our new game "Stomach Doctor" where your genius tries their hand on becoming stomach doctor

Here Kids are having some ache in their stomach. They have to analyze their stomach and if there are signs they something dangerous to their health then do stomach surgery and remove the dangerous substance. First of all they have to do an X-ray image of his stomach and loc the dangerous item, and then bring them in the room and start the surgery with different surgery tools. This fun and addictive game help your kids learn medical trment in fun way.

==> Thermometer
==> Pulse R
==> Blood Pressure
==> Shock trment
==> X-ray
==> Injection
==> Spray
==> Dryer
==> Dropper
==> Cotton
==> Drug spray
==> Vacuum
==> Spoon
==> Kill germs

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