Super Star Model

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Hello Girls, It's YOUR time to shine like a Superstar Model! Become a hottest supermodel and live a whole new life with beauty, fashion, and glamour. In this Superstar Model game, you can help our beautiful girl and get her ready to look gorgeous on the red carpet & compete against other star models to win the fashion award. Start this fashion salon game with early morning activities.

Early Morning activities:
First of all, wake her up and getting her ready for the big day by completing tons of different morning activities like Tap on the alarm & wake her up, straight her hair, give her refreshing bath and much more. Then feed her delicious breakfast and help her to take the all the necessary things before leaving the home.

Perform Spa Treatment in the girl Salon Game:
Start her makeover with a smoothing face spa and use the different types of face packs and creams. After spa treatment, her skin looks more pretty for the special day. 

Makeup in Superstar Salon Game:
When you are all done with spa, get her ready by selecting fashionable makeup like hairstyle, eye lens, eyeliners, blush, lipstick, nice pair of earrings, beautiful crown and much more to look like a superstar. 

Manicure & Pedicure:
Next, Prepare princess legs & feet for fashion award and make them look gorgeous by performing Manicure and Pedicure using different creams, nail cutter, hand/foot scrub, cotton and much more. Don't forget the nail paint for the hand as well as legs.

Dressup for Superstar Model:
After that choose the most popular fashionable dress up from a huge collection of accessories like a nice dress, earrings, necklace, gloves, pretty purse, awesome stockings, beautiful pair of Shoes and much more.

Once she is ready with a fabulous look, then get her ready for the photo shoot & clicks some amazing photos with different poses.

Hidden Object:
It's time to use your observation skills in this girls makeover game and help her to find an appointment diary. 

Perform Cleaning Activity:
Oh..The room is a mess, So arrange the things in appropriate boxes and use all the cleaning tools to remove the dust and garbage from the bedroom & dressup room. Clean all the messy area properly.

Next, check all the equipment properly and repair it before the shooting.

Finally, after completing all the activities, it's time to take a part in the fashion awards event and win. Walk the runway like a supermodel star! Take photos with her new avatars and post them on different social media sites.

In this Superstar Model game, we added tons of other fun activities that you enjoy with supermodel like gym activities, prepare healthy juice for a model, click amazing photos at swimming pool and much more. So play and enjoy this one of the best girl makeover game and become the brightest superstar at the ceremony.

Step – 1: Import “” to AndroidStudio.




————————Your Project Configured successfully—————————


Step - 2: make changes for Appname, in-App id and adMob id


2.1 = in AndroidStudio, navigate to your project and you will see app folder,inside that folder there will be a res folder,inside that folder there will be, value folder in that there will be a string.xml file

->open string.xml



->Make changes to fields according to your requirement here



2.2 = For example: your app name is Sky fighter and Currently It is having name “NewGame” in string.xml then


<string name="app_name">Your App Name</string>


<string name="app_name">Sky fighter</string>



2.3 & 2.4 =

Same As Above Change “admob_id” , “intersttial_id” , “base64_encoded_key”




Step - 3:


3.1 = Change Your Package Name :

->in AndroidStudio, navigate to your project and you will see AndroidManifest.xml file

change “com.XXX.ZZZ” to You Packagename



3.2 =


->in AndroidStudio,Below the project Folder there will a other tab named Gradle scripts, click the arrow beside the Cradle Scripts

->open the "build.gradle(Module:withProjectName)"

In that replace your package name with the old one


For example:


applicationId "com.XXX.ZZZ"


applicationId "Your Packagename"