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XImageDupes is a smart utility which can help you to find and remove duplicate/similar images easily and accurately. It will free up a lot of storage space occupied by the duplicate images.

Why I need this app?
* Often it happens, we receive same image from our friends and colleagues over the internet or via. social media like Whatsapp, Instagram, Line, Hike, WeChat, Facebook,etc; which takes up our mobile's precious storage space. This app will help you to find these similar/duplicate images and delete them.

Feature List:
- Detects WhatsApp folder ; if WhatsApp is installed on the device.
- Custom "Sensitivity Setting" to detect similar images. (Higher Sensitivity = More Accuracy).
- Background scan support.
- Notification on scan complete if app is in background.
- Option to select multiple folders for searching similar images.
- Supports internal as well as external storage detection.
- Displays the space consumed by similar/duplicate images.
- "Keep One" selection technique which helps you to keep any one image from each group of duplicate/similar images depending upon the deletion criteria you choose.
- Different color schemes.
- Add custom folder of your choice to search images.

XImageDupes - Zip File

Steps to run/use the Project:

1. Download th .zip
2. Unzip it to a new folder
3. Import the project in your IDE (viz. Android Studio etc)
4. Build the Project
5. Resolve dependencies if any
6. Run the Project

For any queries drop a mail at gauravbaru@gmail.com

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