3D Parking Game

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3D Parking Game 50 Levels developped in Unity3D

I'm selling the entery Unity Project (Source Code/Project Folder).


You can test it here (Android Version)(you need to downlod this from your AndroidOS device)(compiled for Android or above):

"docs. google /file/d/0B3Gc42SXOSOJM19HTERaUXcxUDA"


The game is based in a parking system and ai traffic system. means:

1. this systems are basic, but extendibles. (for coders)

2. the levels/zones are totally separed from the systems. means, add/change levels/zones are really easy, the same as adding/change cars. (some Unity3D knowledge)


If you would like to me add/change levels/zones/cars from your own, we can talk about it.


The game was tested in web (use keyboard) and android (gui controls), but it must work on iOS and WP (i dont have any iOS/WP device to test it, the moment).


At any question/problem/bug, please contact me.


* Unity 4.6.x. (NO Unity Pro licence needed!)(to port it to Unity 5, contact me at any problem).

* Android SDK (see https://developer.android.com)

* AdMob id (you can get it here: https://apps.admob.com/#home)

* Contact me to get the link with the projects resources (I can't put them here because size file limits in this page.)

Some points about this game

* 5 zones with 10 levels with between 2 to 4 parking zones. Then 50 totally different levels.

* 10 cars for traffic, parked and player cars. Player can select 5 of that 10 to use, "one per cleared zone".

* all text that you can see in the game its totally editable in a database static class. Some other things can be editable in that class. (See documentation to know how)

* there is an audio system too. So if you dont like the music, it easy to change it and select things like repeat or not, random select. (See documentation to know how)

* Realistic physics when accelerating, steering and braking, thanks to Unity Car Pro plugin (https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/1023).

* all gui are NGUI based.

* the game have AdMobAds plugin from NeatPlug. It's programmed to show an Interstitial in the first app start after installed, and after 3 game over (this number is editable in the database static class. See documentation to know how).

* some spaces in the gui was a requeriment to add static ads there or something like that, of your desire. If you would like me to add them, contact me.

* optimized for mobile, really low draw calls!

* all code in C#


See it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3Gc42SXOSOJUXFyYXVWTkRTWEE

Licensing Agreement

I'm selling the entery Unity Project (Source Code/Project Folder).


You can do you want.

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