Baby Emma Happy Fathers Day

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Father's Day is really special day for all the kids in the world.

Here baby Emma wants to spend some joyful time with her father.

So, let's join them and enjoy lot's of indoor activities like to fix the broken pieces, make toy train and much more. Play the scrabble game with dad and let's see who win the game.

Complete all the fun activities like find hidden alphabets from the candy land, celebrate father's day the with Emma family at the ice cream parlor and more. 


- DIfferent activities that baby enjoying with her father


- Tap to select from 4 different activities


- Get ready for different minigames scrabble game, hidenobjects etc.


-Celebrate your father's day the with Emma family at the ice cream parlor and more.


                                  Demo Apk:-



Step 1 : Add google play services in eclipse

Oopen eclipse->file->new->project->android->android project from existing code->selct project (select google play services)













Step 2 : Add Library in eclipse

Same as step1 (choose libcocos2dx)

Step 3 : Add google play service in library

Libcocos2dx->right click->properites->android->select google play service to by clciking on add button








Step 4 : Import your project in eclipse

Follow step 1




Step 5 : Add library to your project






Step 6 : Change banner id and instertitial id

Your project->res->values->strings.xml







Step 7 : Change your game name

Your project->res->values->strings.xml








Step 8 : Change your game package name

Your project->right click->rename application package->change your package name->ok











Step 9 : Change icon

Select project->res->put 144*144 icon in




- drawable-hdpi



- drawable-ldpi



- drawable-mdpi


- drawable-xhdp





Step 10 : Generate apk

Select project->android tools->signed application package










Keystore location

Give your keystorepassword