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This Piano app Moto is learn while Playing. Your Child will learn different instruments sounds , letters, colors and other musical nodes also “Baby Piano for the development of your baby’s sensibility.

Each Key has a specific color and a letter so Babies will learn while playing piano.
Use the buttons on the right corner and sound will start playing.
Those sounds can be used to make new sounds. Add flavors of piano with sounds.

This provides various children's songs and authentic drumming.

Add drum sounds to children's songs to make exciting musical performance.

"Real Touch Engine" is embedded to deliver an advanced feeling of touch.

When touched, the program and to children's /> ○ Multi-touch
○ Drum and Base Sound

Face Book and twitter sharing

Voice recording
○ Piano and other different instruments Music


Baby Piano Beats Instruction to reskin

Importing project in Eclipse:

  1. In File menu click on Import Option, then a popup window as shown in fig will appear. Select the option “Existing Android Code Into Workspace”. Then click on “Next” button.



  1. Now click on “Browse” button and select the required android project folder you need to import. Then click on “OK” button



  1. Now tick the check box of project (or projects if the project has some helping library projects) in “Projects to Import” list. Tick the checkbox of “Copy Projects into workspace” if you want to import the required project as a copy of original project. Now click on “Finish” button.





Steps for installing app:

  1. Right click on project folder in “Package Explorer” (In right side column) or click on “Run” menu in top menu bar, then click on “Android application” from the “Run As” options.



  1. Choose the running device from the menu if there is no device shown in “Choose a running Android Device” menu then select the option i.e. “Launch a new Android Virtual Device” and choose a virtual device from the menu.


  1. After selecting the device click on “Start”.




Follow the steps for Creating Android Virtual device

a)      Click on Window menu then click on “Android Virtual Device Manager”.

b)      Now under “Android Virtual Devices” Category window click on “New”.

























c)       In the opening window i.e. “Create new Android Virtual Device (AVD)” perform the following:

  • Type the “AVD Name”.
  • Choose the device from “Device” list menu.
  • From target menu choose the “Android 4.x.x –API Level xx” option.
  • Choose “ARM (armeabi-vxa)” option from “CPU/ABI” list.
  • Checked the “Hardware keyboard present” checkbox option.
  • From “Skin” list choose the option “Skin with dynamic hardware controls”
  • Under “Emulation options” checked the “Use Host GPU” check box.
  • Leave other remaining options with their default values.
  • Finally click on “OK”.




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