Princess Car Accident Case

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The princess was driving her scooter and unfortunately she met with a bad accident with a car. Take her to the surgery hospital and examine all her injuries carefully. Remove all the thorn and metal piece that got inserted into her legs. Apply some medicine on her leg and attach the cloth over her wound. Now she has a date with the car driver so help her with all the different makeover activities as the wound heals itself. Go to the spa view and help her with the face makeover and also give her the best hair design. Choose the best outfit for her date in your salon.

You can easily customize this App Template to any theme of your choice by just changing 2D Graphics, icons, Default images and sounds.

The source code is outstanding and is implemented in JAVA

Is already optimized for Mars Mallow (latest Android 6)

Admob implemented & ready

- Princess got injured

- Let's give a nice treatment

- Examine all her injuries carefully

- Help her with the face makeover

- Choose the best outfit for her date in your salon


                                       Demo Apk:-



Step 1 : Add google play services in eclipse

Open eclipse->file->new->project->android->android project from existing code->select project (select google play services)
















Step 2 : Add Library in eclipse

Same as step1 (choose libcocos2dx)




Step 3 : Add google play service in library






Step 4 : Import your project in eclipse

Follow step 1




Step 5 : Add library to your project






Step 6 : Change banner id and instertitial id

Your project->res->values->strings.xml








Step 7 : Change your game name

Your project->res->values->strings.xml








Step 8 : Change your game package name





Your project->right click->rename application package->change your package name->ok












Click on finish to finish




Step 9 : Change icon

Select project->res->put 144*144 icon in



- drawable-hdpi

- drawable-ldpi

- drawable-mdpi

- drawable-xhdpi









Step 10 : Generate apk

Select project->android tools->signed application package







Give Your project name







Give Keystore Location and password








Give Alias to your keystore