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This is crowdsourcing platform from exchanginf speedcams around the world. Data consists of 3 mln cams, which were added by users for the last 4 years.

The original app was developed in 2012. Developers stopped to upgrade it in 2014, because the changed field of activity, but the app is still #7 among spoeedcams apps on Google.Play and has no analogs.

The code is placed for sale on May-17. The earlier you buy and start to upgrade it, the more you earn. The original app won't be being developed, so it's not a competitor for you.

You just need to reskin the app, implement in-purchase, donation system, share-with-friends feature and you will start to earn a lot. If you develope and launch iOS version, you will have outstanding app for both platforms.

The app is translated into 13 languages. Read the description of the app in the app store.

How to make it viral. Let the users to open any single additional feature after sharing a link with a friend. So, each of daily users will bring you 3 new users or will buy some of features.

Speedcam tht world source code

1. App source code of the app developed in Eclipse, which is very easy to reskin.
2. Server source code.
3, Instruction how to reskin,
4, Ideas on upgrade and how to make it viral.
5. APK with suggested new design.

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