Baby Doll Lice Attack

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The little baby had been playing whole day long and now she has so much dirt all over her body and she was also attacked by the lice on her head. Help her clean herself from all those mud and dirt all over her body and also remove all the harmful lice on her hair. Give her a clean bath and use the soap and the shampoo to clean the dirt over her body and her hair. Pluck out all the different things stuck on her hair. And then use the magnifying lens to view all the small lice on her hair and remove all of them. Do lot of different activities like combing, dressing up, makeover activities etc.


1) Do lot of different makeover activities like combing, doing different hair styles etc.
2) Bath her and clean her completely using the soap, shampoo and different cleaning materials.
3) Remove all the lice on her hair using the magnifying.
4) Pluck out all the useless dirt and things on her hair.
5) Give her a facial and also give her a salon makeover.
6) Finally get this little baby as beautiful as she was before she got attacked by the lice.

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