Baby Emma Christmas Surprise

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Christmas time is just around the corner. Let's make Christmas day more exciting with this game. Baby Emma Christmas Surprise is a new concept game and the best way to boost your kids Christmas spirit and it's your gateway into the festive world of Christmas. In this game your task is to complete lots of activities like check the wish list of Baby Emma and friends have sent to Santa, decorating the front yard and Christmas tree, help baby Emma and her friends to send wish lists to Santa for Christmas gifts, become Santa Claus and distribute gifts to children around the town, help Santa to find Emma's gift in the snow-covered area, help children to rescue Santa and much more. So discover the wonder of Surprise gifts with this fun, interactive My Sweet Baby Girl Christmas Game.



Step 1

How to Setup



Step1:Download Cocos2dx Library


Step2:Unzip And Open Directory cocos2d-x-2.2.6


Step3:Create New Directory “projects” Under cocos2d-x-2.2.6 Main Directory


Step4:Put Given Source Code Under “projects ” Directory


Step5:Open Your Source Code Folder Under That “proj.ios” Directory Is There


Step6 : Open YourAppName..xcod



Step 2

Change Admob Banner & Interstitial ID


Banner ID




Search “Admob_Banner_ID” in main project and replace existing id







Interstitial ID

Search “Admob_Interstitial_ID” in main project and replace existing id









Step 3

Change App Name And Bundle Identifier






Step 4

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